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Alpha Legacy

Your legacy is more than simple material belongings for your heirs. It’s your life. It’s what you stood for, what you have learned during your life, and the memories you wish to convey to your friends and loved ones; your “stories”.  It is your values and core beliefs, as well as your financial interests and bequests. It is commonplace for people to focus on the latter, “What do I give?” or “What do I get?” Legacy planning can be far more involved and meaningful. So, to maximize your legacy, begin now and not after death.

  1. Organize
  2. Communicate
  3. Establish an annual meeting
  4. Create a strategy to maximize your legacy, minimize taxes and unwanted beneficiaries

Getting organized is critical for minimizing costly delays. Locations of all your documents, from passwords to birth certificates, must be committed in writing in complete detail on all accounts, along with communicating this to your successors… your trustees, children, & board members.

Solid businesses have an annual board meeting; as you should with your board, trustees, advisers, and family. Regardless of what is written, discussing your wishes, nuisances to your set-up, and personal preferences is critical.

The legacy planning component of our ALPHASYSTEM provides you with the tools to create your Living Legacy structure in order for you to pass on your priceless, unmatched gift: your thumbprint on this world.

Imagine that you only had a limited time left to live, a daunting thought. What would you want to tell your family and loved ones? Don’t leave with any regrets. Your Living Legacy gives you the opportunity to share any words of praise & encouragement, forgiveness & apologies, words of wisdom, as well as your hopes & blessings for their future. If you were to become incapacitated or even meet an untimely calling today, would your loved ones know where to locate your important papers? Would they know where to find your passwords, email, on-line accounts, and the like?

These are very important responsibilities, yet many fail to complete this phase of legacy planning. Understandably, these tasks are daunting, complex, and time consuming. But it does not change the fact that one day, you may become debilitated and end up unable to take care of these responsibilities.