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Our Team

We are your partner. Our team-based approach is designed to provide a myriad of financial resources at one center, including personalized investment strategies, intensive market evaluations from our in-house analysts, and comprehensive financial and investment planning services such as asset protection, estate planning, retirement planning, and tax planning.

We are independent. We answer specifically to you, our client. As your family Chief Financial Officer, we are evaluated on performance and service, and hold ourselves accountable for your family’s wealth success throughout your lifetime and throughout your legacy.

We provide a financial oversight for your life by taking your personal goals and objectives as well as your current plan into consideration and supplying tailor-made solutions. At Ken Stern & Associates, your wealth and financial future is taken personally. Our integrated wealth management approach provides clarity and transparency to the most complex wealth plans and helps transform your goals into focused plans.

Our wealth consultants look forward to meeting with you and discussing your goals and objectives.
Portfolio Management Team

KS&A Team

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Each member of our team is committed to your money management and wealth management. If you would like assistance with your future investment plans or management of your stock portfolio, a cash flow and financial consultant from our headquarters in San Diego can help. To speak with a representative of our team, contact Ken Stern & Associates today.