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Employee & Executive Financial Education

  • Executive and non-executive level employees can take up to 25 hours per month of employer time, on personal financial issues.
  • We believe employees who are empowered and knowledgeable financially are more productive, loyal employees.

Regardless of pay grade or title, financial issues may be among your employees most important concerns.  Above all, empowering employees is among the greatest benefit an employer can provide.  The payoff for you, the employer, may be higher productivity and stronger loyalty.

Financial concerns range from, “how do I maximize my employer benefits”, to retirement questions, college planning for kids, elder care planning for parents, and everything in between.  Questions can be as detailed as “what is the best way for me to save for retirement” and “how do I protect the assets I have worked so hard to accumulate from taxes, bad investment choices, market volatility, recessions and unintended beneficiaries?”  As well as the ultimate concern, “how do I properly manage wealth as my success grows?”

To accomplish this, Ken Stern & Associates provides Financial FitnessTM, a financial empowerment course designed to encompass essential aspects of a family’s asset growth, protections, and legacy planning.  Over the years, Ken Stern has appeared on popular TV and radio shows including CNBC, The Today Show, and CNN.  He has written seven personal finance books and hosts regularly on Public Broadcasting Television.

A successful retirement is obviously a significant and prominent goal for many of us.  With an uncertain lifespan, volatile economies and investment markets, the likelihood of higher medical costs and other expenses, this goal is a challenging one.  Beyond retirement, every day we contend with aging parents, education costs, and any number of financial issues.  Something as basic as “how do I know I am getting the correct mortgage,” could take hours of research.

In the past, employees counted on pension plans and other sources of income for retirement.  Over the past two decades, 401(k) plans have placed, in our opinion, much of the burden of wealth managing and saving for retirement directly on the worker.  The results have been less than stellar.


Our Financial FitnessTm is a personal financial gift from top.  Two parts strategy, one part motivation every single participant will receive our MAP (Money Action Plan) and learn critical financial strategies from potentially maximizing benefits to tax planning all the way to retirement “must do’s”.  Our education is so successful because we provide ESP…

  • Education
  • Strategies
  • Planning


Employee Fiscal Fitness

This workshop is designed primarily for the general employee population. Upon completion of the workshop, the goal is for the participant to have the information needed to create a Lifetime Fitness Plan, possess a clear understanding of taxes, estate planning, investment management (including 401(k) and maximization of employee benefits), and specific action items and deliverables that will help ensure that the concepts are implemented.

Each Financial Fitness trainee will be allowed to return (with their significant other) for a 1-hour session where further emphasis will be placed on plan implementation and maintenance. We will go over a ‘couples planning task list’ as well.  These sessions take place after work hours, and can be held on-site or off-site. Sample topics include:

  • Financial Conditioning
  • TodaySculpting Retirement
  • Shield Assets
  • Strategies to Cut the Financial Fat – Understand your Budget
  • Valuable Life Lessons – Plan for the Unforeseen
  • 5 Problem Areas
  • 401(k) Maintenance Program

Executive Strategy Sessions

This program is designed to provide a more detailed and advanced education for executives, officers, and tenured employees. We teach advanced investment, tax and estate planning as well as asset protection strategies. While qualification is at the discretion of the employer, a guide for participation would be participant income in excess of $150,000 or net worth in excess of $500,000 (excluding home, but including 401(k) and other retirement assets).

Sample topics include:

Advanced Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Succession Planning

  • Advanced, Lifetime Financial Fitness Planning
  • Teamwork 1 – The Ultimate Family Meeting
  • Teamwork 2 – Create and condition your Board of Directors
  • Power Walk through Essential Life Decisions
  • Target Practice – Must Do’s at age 35, 45, 55, 65…
  • Take 5 – Best and Worst Money Moves for the Affluent Investor
  • Options & Other Corporate Benefits
  • Tough Taxes

Set aside 2 hours to have their benefits and financial issues explained by unbiased professionals. They will have a new appreciation of the benefits package you have already provided for them!

We feel strongly that, employees are often motivated more by “job satisfaction” and by “feeling a sense of worth” than they are by salary alone.