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Individuals & Families

It is essential for high-net-worth individuals to align with a team that has knowledge and understands the nuances, challenges and opportunities specific to this group. A strong, well-aligned team can make investment management, tax planning, estate and legacy strategies stronger and more successful. Risk mitigation, comprehensive investment analysis, deep understanding of tax, estate and legacy planning will bring this plan to a point where we can potentially integrate valuable tools that may dramatically impact your success. Ken Stern & Associates will look to coordinate with tax and legal counsel and help prepare family meetings and agendas. We prepare reports that are simple, thorough and deliver the information necessary to our clients so they can make prudent and informed decisions. Most importantly, we align the investments and investment platform to potentially maximize this client’s desires and seek Alpha.

Investment management is proactive. Planning for questions which may yet be asked is necessary. We believe experience makes us a valued team member to the high-net-worth individual.