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Medical Institutions & Professionals

Billions of dollars are potentially lost each year from under-utilization of a pension plan and lack of guidance. Some of this money might be yours. Medical practices must avoid the mistake of trying to create a one-size fits all solution. In fact, creating separate sets of guidelines to tackle the various issues doctors and their employees face, is a must. Whether your objective is wealth accumulation or retirement, your unique needs and the solutions are what make you different.


Goals for the Medical Partner

  • Advanced coordination of the trilogy of estate, tax, and investment management.
  • Proactive advice throughout the planning, execution, and funding of your individualized financial plan.
  • Performance accountability and advanced investment strategies unique to your plan.


Goals for the Medical Team

  • Communicate to the team members the value and unique benefits offered by their employer: this helps create retention, loyalty, and work ethic.
  • Educate members about their financial trilogy and the importance of thorough planning. Topics include: retirement, aging parents, college planning, and complicated financial transactions from mortgage to tax planning.
  • Discuss financial goals and provide direction.


The Opportunity
Opportunities are lost if you do not have a team leader bringing your entire financial world into focus. Opportunities are missed because of a lack in coordinated, goal oriented plan development.

Have you ever wondered why your adviser did not suggest a better investment strategy, or a pension that makes sense for both you and your team? Who can you talk to about the entire situation; from drafting medical partnership agreements to deciding if you should buy the building your practice is in?

A band needs a leader. A team needs a quarterback. So do you.

The Solution
Ken Stern & Associates offers unique solutions based on the trilogy of advanced estate, tax, and investment management. Our specific strategies are designed to address the specific needs of medical professionals and their employees.

Ken Stern & Associates provides institutional quality investment strategies and advanced Family Office services. Our platform is predicated on the proprietary Alpha System created and implemented with the goal of maximizing risk adjusted return and solution based planning.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Ken Stern & Associates has a fiduciary responsibility to our clients which we take very seriously. Many brokers or agents however, do not have a fiduciary responsibility. Our team of analysts, portfolio managers, and financial planners are all designed to provide our clients with the highest level of institutional quality experience and solutions.

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Executive and non-executive level employees are searching for answers to their financial questions. Surveys show that up to 25 hours per month of employer time is spent with employees researching personal financial issues. Learn how corporations and employees can benefit from our Financial Fitness for Corporations program.


The particular benefits a corporation offers are as unique as the individual it is being offered to. An executive with a strong financial plan can and will be a more effective & loyal employee. Benefits & options choices, how to negotiate complex financial transactions (such as mortgages), and even planning for the stressful issues of aging, parenting, and college bound children are all causes for a specific and dire need for the “sandwiched” executive.