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Foundations & Non-Profits

The needs of a non-profit are also unique. The director and board are often wearing several hats which can include; fundraising, grants, deciding where to distribute gifts and cash flow, investment managers, etc. As it relates to each and every non-profit the stakes are high. The competing goals of generating growth for the organization, making gifts and pleasing the donors are critical. At Ken Stern & Associates (KSA) we recognize the issues. We hope our involvement allows you to know we are your partner and are accountable and ready to provide you more; we stand ready to create the investment platform and execute to the best of our ability as an integral and beneficial team member. KS&A is accountable.


Emphasis on non-profit cash flow analysis

  • Budget Analysis
  • Comprehensive oversight for financial reporting and governance
  • Customizable investment platforms
  • Onsight and are also available for board meetings
  • Financial and Investment Policy proceedures

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