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Closely Held Businesses

Small businesses are accomplishing big things. They typically do so with limited resources and an abundance of drive and determination. Unfortunately, without a skilled team, critical benefits are often compromised. Higher fees, mismanaged pensions, utilizing the wrong pension planning, and lack of tax and continuity plans can all lead to bigger problems. Furthermore, it is often the business owner that neglects him/herself. Business owners generally agree with these two statements:

  1. The bulk of their wealth is tied to the business.
  2. They have superior knowledge and experience when it comes to their business and industry.

The takeaways regarding these two statements are simple. First, if this is the bulk of a business owner’s assets, to grow, protect, and diversify should be of the highest priority. Second, although the business owner may be an expert in their field, it takes a money management team to potentially maximize every dollar. Learn more about Ken Stern & Associates’ strategic wealth management for business owners: unique tax strategies, pension & investment strategies for the highly compensated, and advanced legacy & asset protection.

Retirement Solutions for Businesses
Ken Stern & Associates is a resource for your company’s financial needs. We are dedicated to helping companies attract, retain, and motivate quality employees through our comprehensive system for providing employees ongoing education and support. Our objective is to help your company reach its financial goals and minimize your fiduciary liability by working with you and your employees to create an effective benefits program.